The cool stuff.

Necromunda™: Underhive Wars™:

Video game developed by Rogue Factor and published by Focus Home Interactive, based on Games Workshop's licence. Role: C++ Programmer.

Underworld LARP:

Underworld is Canada's foremost dark fantasy live action roleplaying experience. Role: Game designer.

Echoes ARG:

Echoes a science-fiction ARG under development. Roles: Game design, programming.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

LG Sunrise exclusive mobile web game, developed in PhaserIO (HTML5) for TracPhone and Nickelodeon. Role: Lead HTML5 Programmer.

Monopoly TV:

Mobile game with Google Chromecast integration, developped with Unity. Roles: Unity C# Programming (UI, Gameplay, FX, shaders), and R & D (remote display versus Game Manager API).

Warner Brothers HTML5 Games:

Converted web games for, developed with HTML5 (Phaser IO). Role: HTML5 Programmer.

Airborne the Game:

Mobile game for Windows Phones, developed by a small group of students using XNA and Silverlight. Roles: Lead C# Programmer, Game Design, User Testing, and 2D Art.

Vitality the Game:

PC game with Emotiv EPOC (EEG headset) integration, developed by a small team of students using Unity. Roles: Game Design, Art Lead, C# Programming support.

Augmented Reality Battle Chess:

This augmented reality fantasy battle chess game was created with Goblin XNA, ALVAR, and Autodesk Maya. Roles: 3D Pipeline, 2D Art.