So who is this M.L. character?

Meagan Leflar is an organized, creative, and dedicated developer of multimedia projects.

Full qualifications and skills: Meagan's CV.


  • C# (XNA, Unity)
  • C/C++ (OpenGL, OpenCV)
  • MEL script, Python
  • JavaScript (Phaser, jQuery, AJAX)
  • Java
  • Action Script 3.0


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe‚Äôs Illustrator CS+, Photoshop CS+, Dreamweaver CS+, Flash Professional CS+, Premiere Pro CS+
  • Autodesk Maya 2011+
  • SVN


  • Experience with Jira and Confluence.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Bilingual Certificate (French).
  • Experience developing in teams using Waterfall and Agile methods.
  • Familiarity with performing code reviews.
  • Has a good understanding of design and development methods, enabling effective communication between designers and developers.


  • Innovative user experiences (mobile, wearables, flexible displays, AR, VR, brain-computer interfaces).
  • Deep understanding of usability and user-centered design principles (user testing, QA, etc.).
  • 3D modeling and animation (procedural and by hand).
  • UV mapping, texture painting, lighting techniques, and Shaders.
  • Passion for game design.

Currently Working On:

    Participated in the Extra Life marathon!
    Advancing leadership and project management skills
    Organizing a promotional photoshoot for personal project: Echoes

Currently Playing:

    The Witcher 3
    Dungeon Defenders
    Final Fantasy 10

Currently Reading:

    Enders Game
    The Last Wish